SMS gateway as an important tool for interaction with customers

API SMS gateway — automates SMS messaging to your client base, provides SMS messages without using a mobile phone and uploading a subscriber base to the platform. You can buy SMS gateway for website.

With the help of an SMS gateway, you can send SMS messages from a CRM system or your program. Sending of both service SMS (order status, technical notification, confirmation of registration) and advertising bulk sms is supported.

What is an SMS gateway for?

It is enough to configure the connection via the API once and set the parameters for sending SMS messages. Then SMS will be sent automatically according to the configured scripts.
Secondly, to eliminate the possibility of errors in the sent SMS messages.
According to statistics, the number of errors in the text of messages sent through an SMS gateway is significantly lower than when working through a web interface. Agree that an employee typing the mailing text in his personal account may make a mistake in the text, date or phone number. Working through the API according to established templates, the probability of making a mistake is significantly lower, since the texts are written and tested.

With the help of an SMS gateway, you can confirm an order in an online store, notify about the delivery of goods, the time of taxi delivery and an appointment with a doctor. You can also send an unlimited number of advertising SMS messages to your subscribers.

When sending SMS messages via the API, the letter name of the sender is supported, as well as statistics on all SMS messages.

Our SMS service offers

Free integration with the most popular systems:

  • Bitrix24
  • Ready module for 1C-Bitrix
  • Ready module for sending 1C: Enterprise 8
  • Ready module for sending 1C: Enterprise 7
  • Yclients
  • Ready module and instructions for sending SMS Drupal

In addition, a free script library is available:

  • Ready PHP script for sending SMS messages
  • JavaScript submission plugin
  • Library for sending under Phyton
  • SMS gateway implementation package in Ruby
  • Script for sending SMS under Perl

SMS gateway integrates with API gateways of all mobile operators in Russia and the CIS.

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